Psyllium KhaKha Powder

psyllium KhaKha Powder

Psyllium Kha-Kha Powder is also known as Psyllium Industrial Powder. When psyllium seeds are processed for making psyllium husk, the extraneous material left is the Psyllium Kha-Kha Powder.

It is a by-product of psyllium husk processing. It is mainly used as animal feed, especially in horse-feed, and to prevent landscaping and soil erosion.

It can be also used for the construction of pathways, school yards, car parks, cycle paths, courts and all other paths surfacing used in garden design.

Technical Quality Specification

Property Psyllium Kha-Kha Powder
Purity NLT70%
Color Light brown to moderate brown
Odor Faint, characteristic
Taste Bland, mucilaginous
Swelling Volume 20-40 ml/gm
Moisture (loss or drying) NMT 12.0 %
Moisture (loss or drying) NMT 12.0 %
Total Ash NMT8.0 %
Heavy Extraneous Matter NMT 5.0 %
Light Extraneous Matter NMT 25%
NMT-Not More Than, NLT-Not Less Than

NOTE :The above specification complies to USP 29(USP Monographs: Plantago Husk, 2007). As per client demand we can also provide products as per BP, EP and IP specifications.