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About Prime Psyllium

Bright Decision
of Nature

Always remember that there is no success without hard work and dedication. Here is yet another inspiring story of the founding chairperson of the organization - our great grandfather Haji NoorBhai KamalBhai Moriya.

Primepsyllium History

  1. About-Us

    Behind our successful brand, he is our helping hand who first started his journey in the 1950s with cultivating, harvesting, and trading of cumin seeds.

    He fairly succeeded after multiple attempts. He learned how to cultivate cumin and tried twice in a row with no success.

    At last, he was successful after the 3rd attempt. He was the first to introduce cumin cultivation to these 40 villages, and other farmers soon followed him.

    It led him to the idea of collecting cumin from the other farmers using a mule cart and then traveling by a loading train to Unjha ( presently a town in the Mehsana district ) for selling purposes. In this way, he began his business with the hope of expansion and always had complete faith in the almighty.

  2. About-Us

    It’s not only the journey but also the end result that matters. Finally, in 1970, our grandfather started a trading shop in Palanpur ( presently a city of Banaskantha ) market yard with the name: ‘M/S Habibbhai Noorbhai Moriya - trading the best quality spices and grains.’

  3. About-Us

    We constantly looked ahead and strived to achieve more with our main production of Psyllium Husk which started in 1995 with small manufacturing unit.

    Back then, we operated a small production unit with a production capacity of one ton, focusing on both the final and finishing stages of production.

  4. About-Us

    To reap another benefit of our growing business, we began Spices Ventures in 2012.

    incorporated under the guidance of a group of visionaries with a mission to spread the magic of Indian spices all around the globe.

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